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If you already have experience in IT and you work as a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer.
If you are working as an analyst in an IT company, bank or insurance company and thinking about changing your job.
You are a graduate or a student of technical faculties of a college or university and are looking for a field of activity and work.
Sometimes a small step can change our whole life. Don't miss out on this adventure ...
About Academy
The idea to create an academy came as a consequence of a lack of understanding that data science is not only the ability to write code, but the ability to find a solution to a problem using data about it
Nikolay Pavlenko
Course Author & Academy Founder
Nikolay, the founder of the academy and the author of the course, has been working in the IT industry for many years and has helped more than 20 companies from different sectors of the economy to solve their business problems using data science. Nikolay's clients were such well-known companies as Tauron, Santander, ING.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, Nikolai created an author's course and methodology that allows his students to master the data science direction in a short time and occupy a niche of demanded and highly paid IT specialists.

Today the students of the academy are employees of such companies as Accenture, Capgemini, ING, Saint-Gobain, PWC.
Academy in Numbers
What results have we already been able to achieve by helping others
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What you'll learn on the course
The program includes pre-recorded content, tasks and tools that are used in real work
Module 1. Introduction
You will get acquainted with the area of Data Science, you will learn the terminology and the processes taking place.
Main topics:
  • What is Data Science and what is it for?
  • Data Science areas. What new roles are emerging?
  • Who is Data Scientist?
  • What tools should you use?
  • Where does Data Scientist work and how much does Data Scientist earn?
  • Beginners' mistakes

Module 2. Programming
You will develop programming skills for working with data and learn about the process of creating database queries.
Main topics:
  • Why and how to use Python and R?
  • Jupyter Notebook and alternatives
  • Environment configuration
  • Jupyter Notebook interface and functionality
  • Data types and variables
  • Operators and conditional statements
  • Functions and sequences
Module 3. How to work with data
You will learn where to get data from, how to correctly approach the analysis process and how to fill in data gaps.
Main topics:
  • What is data?
  • When can data be called "Big Data"?
  • Where to find data?
  • Reading various data formats
  • Understanding the functionality and SQL queries
  • Data transformations
  • Operations on quantitative and qualitative data
  • Date, time, and text data operations
  • Connecting, supplementing and removing missing data
Module 4. How to visualize data
You will learn to build dashboards using Business Intelligence tools.
Main topics:
  • Principles and methods of data visualization.
  • Business Intelligence and tools
  • Data visualization in Python
  • Data visualization in R
  • Microsoft PowerBI capabilities
  • How to prepare your first report in Microsoft PowerBI?
Module 5. Probability, statistics, math
You will understand the basic principles of probability, statistics, and math for modeling and testing hypotheses.
Main topics:
  • Clarification of basic concepts
  • Fundamentals of the theory of probability
  • Population versus sample
  • Matrix operations
  • Basics of descriptive statistics
  • Basics of statistical inference
  • Hypothesis testing
Module 6. Machine Learning
You will learn about classic algorithms and the possibility of their application using real data.
Main topics:
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Types and processes of creating a Machine Learning project
  • What is an algorithm?
  • How to choose the ML algorithm depending on the problem?
  • Feature engineering
  • Data cleaning and completion
  • Preparation of data for modeling
  • Understanding the methods of regression, classification, clustering, and dimension reduction
  • Evaluation and selection of the best model
  • Building a neural network
Module 7. Project management in Git
You will learn how and why you should use Git. You will create your own repository with projects.
Main topics:
  • Why should I use Git?
  • The principle of operation and basic functions in Git
  • Create your own GitHub repository
  • Version control
Module 8. Web Scrapping
You learn to extract and process data from websites.
Main topics:
  • Web Scraping
  • API
  • HTML
  • Tag Attributes
  • How to prepare your first scraper?
  • How to scrape multiple pages at once?
Module 9. Start your personal project
We will sum up the acquired knowledge and skills. You will implement your own Data Science project.
Main topics:
  • Identification of the problem to be solved
  • Data acquisition
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Data preparation
  • Selection of the algorithm and preparation of the machine learning model
  • Evaluation and improvement of model performance
  • Implementation of the model
Learning Formats
We have combined different learning approaches in one course for better results
Pre-recorded video
We have prepared video tutorials that are available online on the training platform and you can watch them at your convenience and also track your progress in training.
1:1 mentoring sessions
Mentoring sessions allow you to achieve the best learning outcome by working on a topic and answering questions together with a mentor.
Live- webinars
Thematic online webinars will help you dive deeper into the topic together with the mentor and also ask him questions on the topic of the webinar.
Community discussions
All students of the course are united in a common chat in which they can get acquainted, exchange experiences, help each other in learning and finding solutions.
Technologies you learn
You will get acquainted with the technologies
are used in data science
Technologies you learn
You will get acquainted with the technologies
are used in data science
What Our Students Say
Piotr G.
The main value I was looking for was close contact with a mentor and the possibility of getting advice or opinion - this is not what Udemy and Youtube courses offer.
Dr Pawel O.
The most valuable aspects of the program: "... examples, practical presented by the lecturer, contact with the lecturer... I am very pleased.
Ilona M.
I've spent more on books lately than on this show, so it feels like it's free and it's worth a lot more than what I paid. I can see the progress for sure. and learned a lot from it.
Anna M.
I really appreciate the course for such extensive knowledge contained in individual modules. Theoretical preparation and practical work with the use of various tools deserve a big plus.
Reasons To Start With Us
To change your profession and earn more money, just take our course
Videos in an accessible form
Video lessons are adapted for people who have not previously encountered IT but want to understand in an accessible language what and how it works. Videos are available in a polish language only.
Examples of real tasks
In the form of homework, examples of real tasks are used, by the example of which you can consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained.
Live Sessions with Experts
During the course, live online webinars are held with the participation of experts where you can get answers to your questions.
Real mentor's experience
The course is based on the real experience and mistakes of the author, which he collected over the years working in different companies and implementing projects in various fields.
Knowledge demanded by the market
Today, the amount of data that has been accumulated in different areas requires a larger number of specialists who can study and transform them.
Course Harmonogram
Develop with us
Applications opened
Course starts
Nikolay Pavlenko, founder at Akademia Data Science
An introductory webinar for all course participants, where Nikolay will tell you how the training will run, will show what the data science market looks like, how much you can earn from knowledge in this area.
Presentation of certificates to graduates

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected answers to the most popular questions of our students
Why data science
High incomes, the possibility of remote work, the versatility of the use of skills, it is easy to find a job, constant development.
Should I be able to write code?
We will teach you everything from scratch. The advancement of the final effect depends on you.
How long will I get access?
The basic plan includes access for 12 months only, other plans after the deadline will be extended for another 12 months completely free of charge.
When can I get my money back?
You get a 14-day guarantee and the possibility of a full refund of the amount paid in the event of withdrawal from the program.
Can I buy in installments?
Yes, you can buy in installments through the partner programs of our partner banks.
Will I get a certificate?
Yes, after successfully passing the final test, you get a Data Science Specialization certificate. Also, each certificate is unique.

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